D.W. Morgan has made sustainability a strategic priority for our company. Our green mission is to lead sustainability practices in the transportation industry with our company as an example. We measure our environmental impact and encourage adoption of green best practices. We share our results to raise awareness and engage our employees, customers, and vendors in our improvement efforts.

As an early adopter of EPA Smartway Program, we at D.W. Morgan understand that envronmentally friendly business practices are not only good for the environment, but also good for our own economic performance on a global basis. We are using our own business performance tool to assess economic and environmental performance across all our locations and third party vendors. In addition, Morgan reports emissions to set public goals through the EPA SmartWay and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

We focus our energy and waste reduction efforts on building awareness and engaging our employees to make positive change.
As we continuously strive for operational excellence and efficiencies, it is encouraging that these activities also contribute greatly to a healthier earth.