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[On Demand Supply Chain News Blog]: Lost In Translation.

Business creates an ocean of data to navigate, but enterprise managers increasingly are adrift and drowning. That’s the premise of Anne Fisher’s latest must-read Fortune story, “Now Hiring: People Who Can Translate Data Into Stories and Actions.”  It’s particularly relevant to our readership. Nowhere are the waters

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[On Demand Supply Chain News Blog]: The Innovation Paradox

Thirty two years ago last week, Apple first aired its famous “Think Different” TV commercial. The ad became one of the most celebrated campaigns in history for its celebration of visionaries who nudge the world in new directions. Picasso. Albert Einstein. Richard Branson. Amelia Earhart.

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[On Demand Supply Chain News Blog]: The Hidden Supply Chain

The Six Sigma world talks about the idea of a “Hidden Factory” as part of an overall quality discussion. The hidden factory represents all the additional production that could be unlocked if a company stopped creating waste due to inefficiency or poor quality and instead

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[On Demand Supply Chain News Blog]: Leaping and Looking

The Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam School of Business has just published an important white paper that explores the secrets to supply chain success. In all, the authors described more than 250 documented best practices of high performance organizations (HPOs).  The Silicon Valley

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[On Demand Supply Chain News Blog]: Roller Coasters And Conveyor Belts

What drives an economic expansion? Low interest rates, maybe, tech innovation or pro-business government policies? Think again, says author and former hedge fund manager Andy Kessler in a recent Wall Street Journal column (tiered subscription access). He argues that the long boom cycles of recent years are actually driven

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