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[Supply Chain News]: Walking In A Supply Chain Innovator’s Shoes

We will leave it for others to discuss the full details of Tony Hsieh’s life and his recent, untimely death. The creative and strategic force behind the success of online shoemaker Zappos and internet advertising pioneer LinkExchange left a legacy of obsessive customer service and breathtaking success.  For our supply

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[Supply Chain News]: Twisted Up In Technology

It seems simple enough that folks would not confuse the two: Supply chain transformation is a goal, an outcome, a value. Technology is a means—only one among many, by the way—to help reach the goal. A recent Wall Street Journal story (tiered subscription model) reminded us again

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[Supply Chain News]: Automatic for the (Supply Chain) People?

The title of MIT Sloan School of Management researcher Michael Schrage’s story says it as well as we could: “Data, not digitalization, transforms the post-pandemic supply chain.”  Schrage’s argument is a 21st Century version of the old garbage in, garbage out computer science theory. “Too many managers

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