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[Supply Chain News]: Visibility Issues Come To A Head

For several years, visibility and its associated technologies have been at the top of Gartner’s “User Wants and Needs” and “Gartner Predicts” surveys.  In the current time of COVID-disrupted supply chains, those “wants and needs” have gotten a lot less theoretical and a lot more real. With

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[Supply Chain News]: Inventory Models for a Post-Pandemic World

One of COVID-19’s unanticipated supply chain effects has been to reveal the shortcomings of just-in-time inventory models.  Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reported surging warehouse demand as companies caught without adequate goods near consumption sites in the crisis work to adapt.  “Rapid adjustments

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[Supply Chain News]: Building Better Supply Chain Data (Pt. 3)

 Suddenly, everything has changed in supply chain. In coming issues, we’ll share strategies to adapt, digitize and transform your operations for a COVID-19 world—and the supply chain shifts that come afterwards.  This week, though, we complete our three part series on building better supply chain

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