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[Supply Chain News]: Battleships And Speed Boats In The Supply Chain

The old business thinking was that there are “battleship” companies and “speed boats.” Battleships were those enterprises that dominated an industry through force of size and power but weren’t very adept at change. Speed boats were the disruptive innovators that could out-maneuver the bigger competitors

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[Supply Chain News]: A Bid For Sanity In Transportation

In a world where shipping capacity and prices keep changing, customers are relying more and more on “mini bids.” We don’t have to tell readers how volatile supply chains have become due to continuing COVID-19 disruptions. Shortages have hit everything from components to shipping containers,

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[Supply Chain News]: Breaking The Innovation Ice

Sometimes, transformation takes a lot more than just building a cool innovation. A Smithsonian Magazine feature on, believe it or not, the history of air conditioning recently reminded us of the long road between innovation and adoption.

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